17.03.2021. 11AM | Porosz Péter

Omnichannel Trends and Research Results

The development of omnichannel communication is a significant trend economically and technologically. It is then no suprise that scientific research is carried out in order to better understand it. Part of such activities is pursued by industry leaders, consultants and analysts but the academic community also has a strong presence in the field. Let us see some fresh and interesting studies and results.

04.12.2020. 12PM | Porosz Péter

New Hammy Release 3.20.11

In this latest Hammy release we introduce traffic contol which enables an exact definition of send time window and the corresponding send speed. A new statistics interface has been implemented on the server side. We refactored the management of system parameters and improved the stability of the search interface and the validation of variables in templates. A further sophistication of channel management is introduced, i.e. individual parameters can now be used to define the communication channel. As usual, the release contains some minor fixes and improvements. 

production | 1.5.8